Delta Vesiqueen,Is It Good

Hi I just got a female delta combee through a wondertrade

I think it will evolve to Vesiqueen fast . It also has Steel and Fire typing which is 4x weak to ground
But Vesiqueen has levitate which give it immune to ground moves .
So it only has 2x weakness to water .

Is this a good pokemon to keep in party ?

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generally pretty good as a support, its not an offensive mon tho, so if ur looking for damage, you’ll be using something else probably.

I am having confusion between this one and arcanine

Which is good

both, if you want damage tho, use arcanine.

OK.Thank you very much I am just going to challenge the first gym . As there is no good fire type I will use this . Is this good for the Elite 4 also (Delta combee)

It’s decent, however, I prefer Excadrill and Scizor as my steel types.

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