Delta venusaurite help

hello there folks, i’m trying to solve a problem for my mother who is playing this game and really loves it. there is one problem though, she is one the point in the story where she can get the delta mega evolution stone for her starter (venusaur) but she got the regular one,is there a way to fix that in-game? and if not, is someone willing to trade a delta stone for a regular mega evolution stone ? , also, how does trading in this game work actually ? sorry if i am asking a but much at the same time, but i really wanna help her out :slight_smile: .

The game is probably set to Purity mode. Reload from a save where you haven’t gotten it and toggle Purity mode off. It should be fixed if you do this. If you can’t reload from there/don’t want to reload you can ask for one. You can buy them once you get to the postgame so people are probably willing to give it for free.

thanks a bunch, only…how do you load from a previous save ? cause the only thing in the menu is the current one.

The game automatically makes backups for you.

Save file location:

PC: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence (or whatever appropriate game you’re playing).

If you are on Windows XP and cannot locate the above folder, the folder should just be the folder with your Game.exe and the rest of the files. Mac:

Right click the app, Show Package Contents, Drive_C, Users, (your name), Saved Games, Pokemon Insurgence (or whatever appropriate game you’re playing). In both cases, it is the Game.rxdata file. You should find backup files there. Rename the current Game.rxdata to something else and rename the backup save to Game.rxdata. The first number in the backup file name represents which save slot it is from and the second represents how recent the backup is.

If you can’t find a backup recent enough/backups are too far behind just ask for one in a trade.

thanks for the info

i am afraid their was no save file that was resent enough. could you explain how traiding works please?

Can you join the Discord? It’d make things easier.

If not, you’ll have to coordinate trades on the forums.

Either way, you have to make a trading account. Go to the Dexnav and click the link cable button. Click Register and create an account. When you’re ready to trade, log on to the trade account, click trade, and enter the other person’s username. (Prepare a trashmon you don’t want first as fodder for the trade).

just don a trade thanks for your help your the best