Delta turtwig

Is delta turtwig glitched or am i just dumb or what because after delta turtwig runs off for the second time i cant find it

It’s not glitched. If I remember correctly, you have to chase it down 5 times in total.

Ive only found 2 do you have any idea where the others are. Also where do i find delta elekid if you know

For Delta Elekid you gotta go to the cave on the side of Holon Mountain (aptly named Mountainous Cave) and find the door with a spiked rock in the way. To the left of the door is a small rectangle (almost invisible). Click that and the door opens, following it leads to Delta Elekid

First time: The top right corner of the lake. Second time: A little island in the middle of the lake Third time: Underwater, just before the cavern with the cut scene legendaries. Fourth time: Another island in the middle of the lake like the second time 5: In the cave with the cut scene fight ( you have to dive ), there is a little island on the right Last time: In the island with the scientist and the for colored rocks.