Delta Turtwig

I’ve chased it around 4-5 times but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. :frowning:

In the middle of the lake there is a seperate part of the lake. I found him there for the last time. Don’t know if it’s randomnized, though.

If it is randomnized, try looking for Turtwig in the underground lake, underwater or on the east beach

I found him underwater but he ran again… I dunno if that was the 5th time or not.

Got it.

Where did you find him last?

In the area with the scientist lady that’s talking about a weird phenomenon in the area that she’s in. Middle of the lake pretty much.

where do you find him the first time?

Top right part of the Holon Lake

First time: The top right corner of the lake. Second time: A little island in the middle of the lake Third time: Underwater, juste before the cavern with the cut scene legendaries. Fourth time: Another island in the middle of the lake like the second time 5: In the cave with the cut scene fight ( you have to dive ), there is a little island on the right Last time: In the island with the scientist and the for coloured rocks.

For me it was that.