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Delta Turtwig line


Good Turtwig Delta line. Best idea of making it instead of a walking forest into a walking beach. Also, why hasn’t anyone done delta Gible-Garchomp yet?


The tortuga look works really good on this delta line. 10/10


Better than the original.


This is amazing, I am a huge fan of the turtwig line, and if this was in the game I would be estatic, you did a really nice job


it will be in the game in 1.2, it was announced already


You did a god job I like it. What is the ability though and how does it look when it mega evolves and does it’s ability change when it mega evolves and what is the movepool of this pokemon and what are egg moves and how many moves can it learn from TM. I can’t even type more questions there are a lot of them.

I am just kidding its Fabulous.


Even it you’re kidding, Torterra doesn’t mega evolve :wink:


Maybe the delta mega evolves and if not just say it can’t mega evolve ahah.


Maybe the unofficial mega evolution.


Well what do you mean by it you are kidding.


What an awesome idea i like how it sticks to the turtwig line’s “world turtle” theme


Noice, But the type makes no sense torterra is normally a ground type so shouldn’t the type be a rock type instead considering the rocks on torterra also maybe add more rocks to the previous evolutions


Seriously i will not count this as a delta because of its ground typing


Its in the next update of the game so it should be counted as a delta lol

And its an island, which is a type of earth. Earth -> ground


But deltas change type completely its mentioned in the holon dex rules


Please show me where?

If you are referring to Rule 2, what it is saying is basically you can submit a Delta Pawniard, but it cannot be a Flying/Fighting type like it is in insurgence. It could be a Fairy type (props to anyone who gets the reference) or a different typing than the one Insurgence uses


No Your right I just reread the rules. Good show, still i thought complete type changes were just a thing with deltas. I mean if i posted a fighting/ghost machoke i would get a lot of comments on how it wouldn’t’ count as a delta


As long as it has significant changes, I think it would be fine


Pretty dope but, looks like a turtle instead of tortoise.


It’s the Turtwig line, but turtles instead of tortoises. That’s the point.