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Delta Turtwig line


Another sprite I made when I had the time. Their typing is water/ground.

Suggestions are appreciated.


WOW! this looks really good! it`s like the same concept but a turtle instead of a tortoise


This is amazing. such a good idea.


these are so good! and even though they are so different, you can still clearly see the Turtwig line in them. Great job :smiley:


These are seriously awesome man. It would be a shame to not see this added to the game.


i really like this delta line


This is a really good line, keep up the good work


I love it! Nice job!


This looks really good! I really like the detail on the fins


looks great! maybe you could put something on turtwig’s head.


It would be awesome to have more delta starters.


OMG Yes.


This looks awesome, but the head of Turtwig i think it needs to be a little more smaller, Grotle and Torterra just looks awesome!


Too bad these never got into the main Delta Dex, Because these Are amazing! I really hope someone over at insurgence considers putting this in the game. 10/10 A+ 5 Stars. and a Cookie.


Cool designs. The concept for them is awesome.


Yeah, like maybe put a tiny palm island on its head, like regular Turtwig has the twig on its head. And maybe it could grow bigger as it evolves.


I really like that delta line, the idea is amazing, and the sprite are very good. However, in my opinion, I don’t really like the red cross on Torterra, I think it is too big and the palm tree is not as excellent as the rest of the sprite. But this is beatiful


You know, now that I look at it, Torterra’s front left fin is way too big. It looks like it’s hanging off the battlefield into an empty abyss. You could fix that by aligning the bottom pixels of the left fin with the bottom pixels of the right fin and work from there. Just a suggestion.


I really want this tbh


this is too good keep up the good work! :slight_smile: