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Delta Turtwig Line (first time posting)

Hi, this is my first time ever posting in the forums. I recently got back into insurgence about a month ago, and love the designs this community has made for delta pokemon. Even without much artistic talent, here’s my shot for a delta turtwig line!

Delta Turtwig (Fire/Rock)
I think it looks too much like just a fusion with torkoal, but I think it looks kinda cute.

Delta Grotle (Fire/Rock)
I like this one more than I should. The fire is a bit wonky and the smoke is a bit unclear, but I still really like it.

Delta Torterra (Fire/Rock)
This is my least favorite of the three. I think the volcano came out pretty stiff and ugly. The rest is mostly just a recolor, with a bit of shading to give it more of a rock texture than grass.

Anyways, despite them not being perfect, I had a lot of fun making them. I’ll probably be posting more in the future. Take care and stay safe!


I like the Grotle a whole lot! The asymmetry works really well for it I think, and the rough texture the dithering gives it adds a lot of character. Really reminds me of those holes drilled in volcanoes to relieve pressure. The Torterra could probably use a little work in terms of the volcano. It’s a bit steep, but the lava texture is nice, and the gradual gradient as it gets closer to the top is well done. Largely the same for the turtwig. Its shell has a really nice texture and the dithering on its jaw adds texture, albeit a bit oddly shaped.

Welcome to Holon Uni, I hope to see more of your deltas in the future!

Thanks for the feedback!

Damn that is a beautiful line! The torterra especially. You know, I am trying to get some people to help me out on a rom hack I’m making, and I’m in need of some 64x64 sprites. Think you can help?

Hi thanks! I’m very flattered but I can’t really make any commitments and would like to kinda just do my own thing. I wish you good luck though. Hope ur hack turns out well!

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