Delta Torkoal

Ability: Sand Stream
Dex: This Pokemon is spoken of in legends and is thought of as myth. The shell it wears is made of solid clay and takes twenty years to make.
Its the pyramids of Giza that’s why it has three triangles(on head,back and tail)

Bro … Its Body and its Shell looks way apart … the border on the pyramid is too dark and the whole sprite needs some more work … But nice idea all around

needs some darker shading on the shell I think for the normal one

It looks like the pyramid is impaling it lol

Edited it

Okay, here we go. In both of your versions you have no example of multiple sides to the pyramid, leading to either a paper thin pyramid, or a triangular pyramid, which is different from the pyramids of Giza (Rectangular Pyramids). That’s not even mentioning the lack of contrast in your shading. If your shading doesn’t show that it’s considerably darker, you might as well have not put any. Also, if you do the two pixels at the top of each pyramid, they end up looking very rounded. There’s also unnecessary dithering on the pyramids, and just weird shading in general.

Ills make the pyramid more three dimensional and try and fix the shading

Yeah I think that’s why on the regular sprite the pyramid looks like it’s just been glued on