Delta Tauros

Hi, I’m new here to the forums (I posted some Deltas in Reddit). I remembered this game had a nice community so I decided to show something again :slight_smile:

This is Delta Tauros, it’s an Electric Type, I might make the back sprites and shiny sprites when I have the time, so, any suggestions?


Looks awesome! Great job!

This is awesome! Great job on the sprite.

There´s just one thing that could be improved a bit in my opinion. The three dots (little horns?) on his head could use some adjustment to the typing.

Maybe turning them into some sort of power symbol instead

Yeah I didn’t know what to do with those, Tauros has them in its face and since I wasn’t sure what they were I just changed the color of them. I’ll try to make them more related to the typing.

So cool ! Tauros is one my favorite pokémon. I hope to see this Tauros in Insurgence !