Delta Sunkern Wanted

Trading Name: thewaryknight

Offer: IV stone

Request: Delta Sunkern

Further info: For some reason the grotto that Delta Sunkern appears in has glitched and wont reset so its taunting me with its absence so any help would be appreciated


Sure! Do you want any specific nature on it?

no specifics needed as long as its a delta sunkern im happy


is this fine? The sunflora I had in my boxes had pretty eh IVs but it did have a pretty solid nature

that would be great

alright my trading name is froggi_chair

mine is same as my username thewaryknight this will be my first time trading so i apologise in advance if theres any issues

no worries!

Ty! Enjoy your sunkern

ty as well its abscence in the pokedex was gnawing at me

understandable lol

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