Delta sunflora

Trading Name: excee

Offer: take your pick

Request: delta sunkern

Further info:evs and ivs dont matter, i just need the line since grotto on route 4 wont reset for me.

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I can get ya a Delta sunkern, I don’t really need anything, I would appreciate if u could trade me a Delta geodude, needed for pokedex kek

ill get your geodude breeding right away.

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Alright, I do already have a random Delta sunflora on my pc I think, let me see

i have your geo egg, the day care agent is shit and always says that there isnt an egg @GiaPeNiw

hey are you ready?

Ah yeah, whoops, forgot to trade ya the d. Sunflora, let me open my computer

redy now?

Ready in three minutes, my comp takes a shit load of time to open kek

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i am back, this time my computer needed a lot more time to open

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so that means you are ready now?

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Yep, let me grab the sunflora pretty quick

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I am ready, trade name is Kafkinos

insurgence crashed when i typed in your name lol

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Oh lol

Ya ready now?


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Thank ya very much, good luck with your pokedex!!!

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