Delta Steelix Line

Both are Ghost/Ground types Ability: Regenerator


Should this not be in Holon Uni? Flawless work as usual, I only really have an issue with the onix head spike thing. It seems really oddly shaped.

fantastic job as usual, but the lining of onix’s head spike shouldn’t be all black.

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Great work, specially Steelix, hope you do Mega Steelix to complete the set :innocent:

Your delta onix?

Dude, no one wants to copy you.

Made some minor edits on the 2 and added mega evolution.

Thank god it’s not that transparent file from discord :stuck_out_tongue: Nice job looks cool!


Hi just wondering if you could give a noob any pointers

The post is dead. Nobody has spoke here in a year. You’ve just revived/necro’d it.

Hey NoNameDummy, I was wondering if I could use these sprites, slightly edited (very slightly since they are so brilliant!) in a fan game I have been developing!!!

I think this idea is amazing and it would be an honor to use them in the game.
Also, if you are interested, seeing that you have quite a lot more skill than me, would you like to help me do some spriting for my fan game?

Thanks for your time