Delta Starters

Trading Name: Gamecube

Offer: TBD

Request: Delta Starters

Further info: Looking for the three Delta Starters to start my game off with. I don’t have anything good to trade in return, but I wanted to complete the dex. I was hoping if someone had a spare of any of the three they would be willing to trade with me.

i can get them for u, just give me about half an hour maybe less and ill be ready

Sorry I missed your reply. Any chance you would still be willing to do the trade?

yeah, i can still do it, if your ready now that would be nice.

I’ll get on the game. Thank you so much.

no problem

I had to change my trade name to Gamecube24. I forgot my other password.

ok, my trading name is mewman658

Ok. :slight_smile:

im ready now

the trade broke, get out and try again

I think my game froze.

oh. did you still at least get the bulbasaur?

trades broken again, exit

the game does not seem to like us today

No. It doesn’t.

Thank you very much!

no problem

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