Delta Starters

Trading Name: Tony20014

Offer: Delta Charmander

Request: Delta Squirtle or Delta Bulbasaur

Further info: Any will do.

I can trade you D. Bulbasaur.

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Ok, let’s do it. Thank you!

Ready when you are.

My username is RenElite. Sorry for the late reply, i’m busy hatching some eggs.

Ok, tell me when you are online.

Already search your name.

I’m already online

It says you are not online

Damn, my game is still loading. I hope it didn’t freeze.

Ah ok.

Gotta restart the game. It freezed, :cry:

It’s fine. I’m soft resetting for shiny charmander anyway.

Let’s try it now

Are you ready?

Thanks a lot!

Enjoy your Delta Bulbasaur :grin:.

I will. Thank you :smile:

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