Delta Starters Are Not Deltas

So I was so eager to play the game for the delta pokemon specifically, but when it came to the starters, they dialogue said that they were deltas, but they weren’t. I have Purity Mode off, is it because I am on the Darker story setting?

Are they regular Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle?

yes, but the dialogue says that they are Delta, and when i chose Squirtle, the Charmander pokeball on the table said it was Delta but when it showed the picture it was a normal charmander

Can you check the purity options before picking up the starters? Else check purity options before going into the save, ensure that it’s off, then starting a new save. Darker story setting shouldn’t affect starters.

I never had purity mode on

If all else fails, restart.

Not the best advice in other cases, but you’re about 2% into the game.