Delta Squirtle GIF Sprite

Halo guys, so I’m new here, and I’ve barely played the game, I’m still picking out my starter. So like any other games I’ve played where there’s some degree of modding I kinda went to mod it first, then play the game. So I noticed that there are some 3D sprite replacement for the game, which made me happy, but then I noticed the only Delta starter that doesn’t have a 3D sprite is the Squirtle line.

So… without further ado, I’ve made some 3D-ish GIFs for the squirtle line. Took me some couple hours so it’s pretty shitty, but I guess it’ll be a replacement for a while. Here’s the link for anyone that’s interested Download: Preview:

Again, I warn you, it’s really shitty, and I won’t be doing anything about it anymore, so yeah… at least I hope there are some that will enjoy it.


Here are also some Bulbasaur line with crystals on their backs instead of just a recolor download: