Delta Slowpoke Line

I don’t know if I made this too dark, but I think it turned out interesting. Tell me if I should make the evolutions for this.

Delta Slowpoke

Delta Slowpoke: The Uh… Zombie? Pokemon

Type: Ghost

Pokedex: This is a living Pokemon? … okay? It’s carefree demeanour has carried on into… this version of it. No one knows if it actually living because it doesn’t move and we are too scared to approach it.

I think its design is a bit dark.

Delta Slowbro

Delta Slowbro: The Parasite Ridden Pokemon

Type: Ghost/???

Pokedex: There seems to be something living in the dead corpse of a Slowbro. It is actually very friendly despite it’s looks, that’s why it tried to make it whole again by showing some if it’s body.

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It is very dark, but I am curious as to what the evolutions would be.

Would its evolutions of slowbro and slowking be different kinds of zombies, like one is fungal while the other is disease driven?

Delta Slowbro

I had this sitting in the back of my sprites folder how is it?

Not bad, the dead foot could use some line work, but not bad if touched on.