Delta Skarmory + Delta Qwilfish

Delta Skarmory
Delta Skarmory 2 Delta Skarmory
Type: Ground / Grass

Ability: Fondness (If you have both an egg and Delta Skarmory on your party at the same time the egg will eventually disappear, making Skarmory switch to its Love form. In this form Skarmory will gain one of the available abilities of the Pokemon that was on the egg, and the moves of the primary type of the egg pokemon will gain stab, however when Skarmory’s Hp is less than half these effects will vanish.)

Pokedex entry: Delta Skarmory always take care of helpless Pokemon that they find in the wild, the bonds they make with these Pokemon are so strong that Skarmory often visit them even when they are already independent.
Delta Qwilfish
Delta Qwilfish 1 Delta Qwilfish 2
Type: Steel

Ability: Reactivity (If Delta Qwilfish is damaged by a water, fire or fighting type move it changes to its unstable form, in which its defense and special defense will increase in two stages and it will be unable to attack or switch out, if it is not defeated on the next turn it will explode making all of the active Pokemon faint.)

Pokedex entry: Since its creation Delta Qwilfish was contained in extremely regulated conditions to prevent it from exploding.

So, I wanted to make some Delta Pokemon with two forms and I chose two of my favorite one-stage pokemon. Hope you like them, as always feel free to make suggestions on how to improve my sprites. Have a great day / afternoon / night :heart:


These, are really amazing!


Woah I love these man they are really well made.


@Johnnybot @Incognito1234
Thank you, I’m very happy you liked them! :smile:


Yeah, they are amazing!

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These are great! Just one thing to note though, Delta Quilfish is a little overshaded - I don’t think 8 shades of slightly darker grey are necessary when 4 at most will do. Other than that, these are excellent!


Thank you! :blush:

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Thanks for the advice, I tried making the shading less convoluted, here:
Delta Qwilfish 1b Delta Qwilfish 2b
I hope this is better, I’m not very good at shading circular shapes.