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Delta shinies

Trading Name: DrakeH2031

Offer: Shiny Snubbull, Mew, Giratina, and just about anything before e4 and some postgame deltas.

Request: Any delta shiny. I could not care less about natures and evs.

Further info: The mons I am offering are probably trash so…

I want shiny snub

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Delta shinies??

a delta shiny for a shiny snub? I don’t know

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Uuum…okay. I mean, I am getting the snub later and I will give you shiny woobat. What about snub and mew/giratina??

So if I offer a shiny delta, you’ll give either a mew or giritina shiny?

No. I will give you shiny snub and a normal giratina/mew

You really want a shiny delta hm

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Yea. I NEED one!!

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I have an extra shiny d ralts, and shiny snub aint that bad

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Aaand, I could throw in a recolor.

Cheeky, hm


The delta ralts is male, so you can have either evo you desire

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Perfection. Thanks. I will be ready saturday!

Just to clarify,
My Shiny Delta Ralts (M) for your Shiny snub, and mew
Correct? Or no?

Correct. SO you pick mew eh?

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Lol, mew has a place more closer to my heart

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I am guessing @GiaPeNiw wants to say that this is overkill and I should not do this.

lmao Aki u are trading your shiny Delta ralts for a random shiny snubull and mew kek

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