Delta Shellder

Holon Dex is probably full now, so I just did this for fun. This was my first attempt at spriting, and so I bring you…


So… yeah. Here it is. It’d have been Poison type.


The edits that are made has to be 1x1 on a 1x1 sprite, this is a 2x2 sprite that was edited with 1x1 pixels.

I’m a total noob at this… I just pulled the originals from the Insurgence files. Is there some step I missed to get them to be 1x1? Again, I mostly just did this for fun without any intention of them being used.

Not a problem,

Thanks. For future reference, where should I get my originals/templates from/how do I get them to be the correct format? :o

The Sprites have to have a 120x120 canvas and a 2x version of that (240x240). They have to have a transparent background as well, here is a guide for transparency.

(P.S. down below is a rule for positioning your sprite)

Thanks again!

Never mind.