Delta Shedinja Idea

Pokemon: Shedinja Type: Normal References: Has shield maybe? Notes: this guy just popped into my head. He can not be killed unless it is a non-damaging or priority move. Literally only a move like Confuse Ray, or Quick Attack would kill it. If it gives status but also does damage, it doesn’t count. His ability could be something like: Preserve.

Pretty good Idea, though I would make it to where he could only be damaged by ghost or normal type moves.

Seems too OP.

I’m pretty sure in competitive, everyone has at least 1 priority move or status, and it’s moves should suck maybe? Like only Flail and something

Constructive criticism: Add more details to the references- Has shields maybe? isn’t the best way to give someone an idea. A normal typing would be very weird. does it have anything other than a shield? Seems like a very boring pokemon to use. It’s sturdy shedinja that has a weakness to priority moves, and not every set has a priority move on their team to counter it. Having bad moves doesn’t make it less op. it just makes it less fun to use, here’s an idea- It is a steel type. It can only die to status, as a downside it also gains the effects of truant, it can also have the ability to make gear grind do 65 dmg per hit is it is too underpowered.

It learns powerful moves like Iron head, Swords dance, shift gear and other steel type moves.

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