Delta Serviper

Ability: Suns Blessing (Immune to Ground attacks and strengthens fire type attacks)
Dex:This is the original form of Serviper before its fight with Zangoos. this pokemons gold head is actually its shell which was made of pure gold and its wings are so hot they are actually on fire. The disk on its head increases sun light allowing it to create beams of pure solar heat.
Possible moves:
Fire Fang
Dragon tail
Sunny day
Dragon breath
The Wadgets: these guys were winged snakes of Egyptian myth and were made by the sun god himself Ra.


Really weird outlining on the head jewel thing. Also, the wings are really badly done, and look more like flags. I would recommend looking at pokemonmlike pidgeot and noctowl for wing help. Also, the head needs selective outlining, should definitely have a highlight somewhere, and has lopsided horns. Selective outlining on the tail would be good as well. And the rest of it looks smooth, unlike how a snake should look. Snakes are supposed to be scaly, and rough, not smooth and slippery.

Not wadgets a wadget is suppose to fly through the air like an eel in water

Yeah, I have
No idea why I
Thought that they

Had scales.

Ok ill add some scales

That gif is strangely terrifying.

I added the scales Uploading…

Once again nothing is there.

The wings still don’t look very real and it doesn’t really look fire dragon.

Looks great but I don’t think it should be fire/dragon. Maybe flying/steel? I don’t know that’s just my preference.