Delta scyther evolution

I have a delta scythe lvl 49 and I’m at helios black market. I’m trying to make it evolve by the old woman but it says that I’m missing an item. the thing is that I’ve given the metal coat to scyther but it doesn’t work. any suggestions?

Try NeverMeltIce

hi thanks I didn’t know

hey i have the same prob did the nevermeltice work??

it worked :PPPP well thanks a craaap ton :3

It might already be too late for this, but I actually don’t think evolving Delta Scyther is the right move. Delta Scyther and Delta Scizor have the same BSTs and typing. The reason regular Scizor is so much better than regular Scyther is almost entirely due to its Steel type, but this is irrelevant for the Delta versions. Delta Scyther/Scizor have a fantastic offensive typing and a poor defensive typing, and therefore you want to hit as hard as fast as possible - bulk is not nearly as important.

At the cost of a little accuracy (which is mostly fixable with Wide Lens), Delta Scyther is both much stronger and faster than Delta Scizor. This is why I think Delta Scizor is a downgrade from Delta Scyther. Mega Delta Scizor is fine, but it’s still kinda slow and there are better Megas you can have.

Could somebody please trade my scyther with me its delta i need a delta scizor on my team!

I see your point MattL