Delta Scrafty/Murk Forest Hidden Grotto

A while ago, i went to the hidden grotto in Murk Forest. i probably took an item and left. now, i want to catch delta scrafty, but nothing ever spawns in the grotto. Help?


Something will spawn every 12 or 24 hours. Check back like everyday.

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Maybe this will help you

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If you messed with your in game clock that sometimes messes up a lot of the grottos. Also, welcome to the community.

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Welcome to the community!
Also like Aaron said. The hidden grottoes will be resetted every 12 hours normal time. BUT there is a tips before you go to hidden grottoes for hunting pokemon: “Save files before you enter the hidden grotto and then see what is inside. If you didn’t see what you are looking, soft reset. Do it until you find what you are looking for.”

Good luck!

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He’s saying that nothings ever spawning, but @mugen have you waited 12 hours? If not then it’ll reset later.

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well, they said “a while ago”. And english wasn’t my first language, so yeah I can easily miss what he meant


No problem @Rihkabar you speak a lot better than people I know who have English as their first language.

Really? Thank you!

No seriously some people would stutter and mispronounce things for minutes at a time, not even exaggerating.

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i never changed the time, i don’t even know how to do that on my computer lol

How long have you waited for?

yeah, a while ago was like a couple months ago when i actually reached that point, now i’ve beaten the game and i’m trying to catch all the deltas

Once I find my scraggy and breed it I can give you one.

that sounds good, i wish i could catch it on my own though. thanks anyways

I don’t have the best luck with grottos as I hunted for three weeks to get a delta sunken lmao. I did get the delta phantump in two days though.

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hello mugen

Oh yeah, that was a very long time. Btw are you sure that was the hidden grotto. Because there are also one behind a house with guy selling choice band, and that one wasn’t resetting

Are you looking in a grotto that had a delta Shinx?