Delta Sceptile Idea

I have an idea for a Delta Sceptile Build utilizing Guts. Although D. Sceptile has a higher Special Attack, this uses the Guts ability as well as Hone Claws to get maximum damage.

Let me know what you guys think - I think this could be extremely powerful in the post game.

Delta Sceptile @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts

Jolly Nature? - Any nature that minimizes Sp. Atk works, my theory was with Jolly it allows you to outspeed without having to dedicate as much EVs to speed

EVs: This things massive attack is huge, I was thinking 120 spD / 80 Def / 186 Atk / 124 Speed


  • Hone Claws - allows Sceptile to basically bypass accuracy and use high base power moves

  • High Jump Kick / Dynamic Punch / Drain Punch - Massive STAB base power moves (High Jump Kick has great base power, Dynamic Punch has good base power and secondary ability in confusion, and Drain Punch has lower base power but can heal and cover for the burn)

  • Dragon Rush - STAB high base power and good secondary ability (Maybe

  • Facade - Good coverage w/ 140 base power

Other Move Options:
D. Sceptile has a really good moveset in Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Blaze Kick, Ice/Fire/Thunder Punch, Knock Off, Zen Headbutt, and access to U-turn.

For starters, Delta Sceptile has great base speed and a great hidden ability in Guts. Although its base attack stat is not good (I don’t like how most EVs are distributed mostly in Sp. Attack), with Guts this set could wreak havoc on most Pokemon.

Looking back Hone Claws might be a risky option with not great bulk stats. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading, please write your comments below.


What exactly does the spread allows you to outspeed?

Idk what I did with the EVs tbh lol.

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I’m no expert when it comes to this stuff, but I’d recommend putting the EVs at simply 252 for both Attack and Speed. It worked when I was making a normal physical Sceptile, and since it and Delta Sceptile share stats, it should work for the Delta too.
Other than that, I personally like this set. I’m a very attack-oriented player, and Sceptile is one of my favorite Pokemon.


Thanks for the tips. I really like this set, just don’t want it to be 0KHO’ed by anything (although a fairy pokemon could probably do it)

Let’s face it, you can’t try to correct its bulk without compromising its offensive capabilities. Go Jolly Nature and pair it with teammates that can take hits and cover it’s weakness. Bulky Steel types like Mega Scizor and Ferrothorns are good example.

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okay. Do u think the set w/ hone claws could work, or is it best to replace that w/ a coverage move?

I would either go Dragon Dance or All-Out-Attacker. Move choice would be Dragon Claw, High Jump Kick and a choice of Knock Off, Draco Jet, Facade or Poison Jab.

okay thanks. I really love the movepool I listed but this might be better…

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