Delta Sawsbuck Line

Delta Deerling: Bug type, Abilities: Compound Eyes, Shield Dust, Unnerve (H/A)
Dex: This Deerling when hunting, tangles itself into the legs of larger pokemon without fear of injury. once the larger pokemon is toppled, Deerling drains its fluids.

Delta Sawsbuck: Bug Dark type, Abilities: Compound Eyes, Shield Dust, Intimidate (H/A)
Dex: The edges of its legs are deceptively sharp. By using its legs, it slices into prey and then tears into the wound with its mandibles.


Nice! Not quite sure what the fur is though? Is it dust, fur, hair, or what? Also, the ribcage lines on Sawsbug seem a bit odd and out of place. Also, the deerling looks really excited. I get that it’s supposed to be pincers, but I can’t help but see smiling. 10/10 tho.

1- sawsbuck has fuzz like flies or spiders, 2- Those are supposed to be exoskeleton lines just making that clear.

That looks so cool


Yay! Deerlingfly and Sawsbug are here!!!

Lol, nice

jfc scary