Delta Roserade or Delta Venusaur?

Title says it all :happy:

venusaur if not noctem/mega d zard

rose if noctem/mega d zard

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by any chance do you got a d mander up for trade?

im tradebanned sorry

lmao how?? i kinda wanna hear this story >_>

i only said something about a modded insurgence

i know its not what you hoped for lmao

damn, that’s trashhhh
sorry that i didn’t reply, was on reddit

Well, the devs don’t like any alterations to the original game, even if it’s speeding your game up using ce when your game is going at 2 fps

There’s an in-game speed-up button.

But the problem is that the transitions can be slow even with the speed up

There are 3 different speed ups and the first makes you go at light speed. You’re most likely fine.

too bad fire used/has a pretty bad comp. no offense fire


Nahhh, it slowed my game down instead

Lol no offense taken…even though I bought that comp 2 months ago and started using it a month ago

r i p