Delta Regieleki

Shiny Form:

Cloud’s Blessing Form

Shiny Cloud’s Blessing Form

Delta Regieleki
The Stormy Pokemon
Flying type

Thought to be related to Regieleki , an electric golem found in the Galar region. This Pokémon thought to only be made of clouds, has been theorized to be found all over the Holon and Torren regions. It’s said it floats from place to place as a sign of blessing.

Air Lock

Cloud’s Blessing: When the pokemon with this ability falls bellow 50% of it’s hp it gains +2 priority on all of its flying type moves.

Hidden Ability:
Titan of Air: All of this pokemon’s Flying type moves do 50% more damage

Able to be found in Torren mountainous areas at a .001% chance
Able to be found in Holon Lake ,Holon Marsh, Holon Volcano, Holon Jungle and Holon Desert at .01%
Able to be found in Holon Grasslands at 0.1%
Able to be found in Holon Mountain at 3%

100 Hp
60 Attack
40 Defense
140 Special Attack
40 Defense
200 Speed

Moves by level up:
Start: Gust
Start: Pound
Start: Tail Wind
Start: Leer
Level 10: Twister
Level 20: Air Cutter
Level 30: Roost
Level 40: Defog
Level 50: Aerial Ace
Level 60: Electro Ball
Level 70: Air Slash
Level 80: Moonblast
Level 90: Hurricane
Level 100: Cloud Blast

Signature Move:
Cloud Blast: 100 Damage
100% Accuracy
5pp (Max 8)
Has a 35% chance to confuse opponents



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It does…

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I really like the concept, but the sprite doesn’t really remind me of stormclouds. Most of the edges are a bit too flat, and the lower half of the body is nothing like Regieleki’s. Just some advice; sorry if it came across as rude.


i mostly think of it as clay, so i was kind of suprised it was flying. however the concept is pretty cool


Do you have any advice on how to fix the edges?

My best suggestion is to take inspiration from Pokemon and other Deltas that have clouds in their design, like the Weather Genies for example. Those should give you a good grasp on how the clouds should look. From there, just make a cloud.
Or you could layer circles on top of each other, but that doesn’t always look the best.


Yeah, i tried layering circles but it doesn’t look very good. Thanks for the help man!


No problem. Always happy to help aspiring spriters.


if you don’t mind could you help me with the bottom? This is what i have so far


this is a lot better

The only thing is that it really isn’t a sprite, it doesn’t match the standards of a sprite.

maybe make the clouds a little “fist” like

What do you mean by standards. Could you elaborate?

Notice how many pixels there are on the second one, and then look at this jigglypuff, notice how the jigglypuff has less pixels compared to the Regieleki.

Oh i see what you mean by that

I almost thought it was a Shuppet lol. Sorry if that’s offensive.

nah man its all good, i understand what you mean by that though

Much better. Looks a lot more like a cloud. But as Incognito pointed out, it’s less of a sprite and more of a pixel-y image. My suggestion would be to reduce the detail in the curving, but keep the general shape. Also make sure you’re consistently using the same pixel size. That’s a problem a lot of people seem to have. In that sense, your first one was better because it was more like a sprite.
Sorry if that was confusing.

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This is what I have now, I scaled it down from 256 to 128, edited the arm things and added wind pushing it up at the bottom