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Delta Recolours


Totally legit Hydreigon

I like recolours, so I’m making this to share them!

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does a new md sprite count lol

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no, not a recolor
also btw that sprite looks dope af, tho the color scheme makes it hard to see some details
here the colors contrast more so you can see the details like the shimmer of the tail better yes its gold it meant to shimmer but you get my point try making the black bits a bit darker, it doesnt have to be exactly the same as reg hyrdreigon

too bad.

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i do wanna see it tho, might use it as as alt sprite lol


holy f*ck das dope

pm me the sprite lemme see if i can do something
on second thought dont do that i know nothing about remaking sprites lol

oh well

u think I do?


one of the very nice things i see/hear in my life

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Like this?

Yup, that’s what I meant. Now I’m REALLY tempted to hunt d.deino

Btw will you make a male/female variants??

I can if you want, but there’s no difference other than delta hydreigon’s colour, so I wasn’t planning to.

Do it on your own will, not cuz some stranger on the internet said so. Tho if you are gonna do it, ig the only logical thing would be to swap the black and blue around. Not sure how that’s gonna turn out but sounds cool