Delta Rattata

I created a delta Rattata. Hope you like it~


Looks cool! Here are some points for points for possible improvement:

I don’t see either typing in the rattata. Maybe it could be sinisterly hiding a bottle of poison behind its back or something … ?

IMO there are too many colors around the mouth. If they were purposeful it would be ok but they seem odd. For example, why is the mouth pitch black? Why does he have gold teeth?

Otherwise, good job. Pokédex entry: This rattata was released by its trainers multiple times for having bad IVs and was forced to live in the sewers of Helios city. As a result, its lungs were intoxicated and it lived in the shadows, attempting revenge at trainers as a whole by poisoning them and their Pokemon.

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I like the idea of making him look more like a sewer rat. I’d say the only gripe I have is that I see more dark than poison. Maybe make him look more sickly?

I will update the Rattata design with your tip and I liked your text Pokédex. You () Why does he have gold teeth? Reply: The idea is to be the sewer rat, equal your idea of the Pokédex =‘w’=


Recoloring with very few new details just won’t do it.


Sorry if this lets you down, but I tweaked your Delta a tiny bit (a lot). I added an alchemical symbol on it’s forehead, a poison needle as its tail and made it look more filthy looking. This is only to show that you could’ve done alot more with him.

Alright, sorry for the delay (course activity), I liked your tuning. I’m just going to change the ear.

I would give it Poison Point, Poison Touch or Corrosion for it’s ability(ies)

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Oh wow, 2 years later xD

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Pokédex: Rattata has been tested in several delta experiments but the effect did not work and then it was dumped into the sewer because it was the only local where he can not have contact with the other normals Rattatas can be contacted. Months later, he had the changes, as his form, lost his roxy hair and finally his shifts to Dark and Poison because of the sewer.

Sorry, my english is bad.

Humn… your idea is cool. =^w^=

Rattata Shiny:


yes =;-;=