Delta Rampardos ( Poison Type)

Rampardos has always and it will always be one of my favorite mons.That is why i made a delta one
Dex Entry
“The Poisoned Pokemon”
Legends say that a snake took other rampardos’s body and has become his tail.Everything this rampardos touches , becomes poisoned to death
Abilities: Venomous , Black Mamba (HA)
btw thanks to @Steelman2004 who showed me a tutorial on how to make deltas in Scratch

Black Mamba gives the target AWFUL poison and
triples the damage the poison does every turn.


that looks interesting to put it nicely.
tbh all the contrasting colors are a bit distasteful.
Purple goes really well with blue, but yellow is even better pair.
blue/orange red/green and purple/yellow are great color combos. that’s why toxtricity is one of the best designed pokemon in sw/sh
i like where you are going with it just the color combo is kinda weird.

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Thanks ! This is my first delta so far ( I also made a delta tepig but it looks terrible, so i am not uploading it lol)
I like using different colors, even if the combo is weird, cause … i dunno.

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toxtricity is awesome yeah

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To quote one of the cringiest shows ever: (Beyblade)
“Never give up!
Never give in!”

Keep trying and you’ll get there. NO DOUBT! With the tepig too!

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lol. I will remake my delta tepig then

I like the snake tail, very chimera-like, but the rest looks more like a recolor than a true delta imho. You could try to made it less “sharp” and more smooth with some bright colors like some poisonous frogs. Just my 2 cents!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Just a warning, but my criticisms may come off as harsh. I only give my criticisms in this way because I want to see you improve, because I truly believe that you will be able to improve this design and make it great, and sugarcoating it would take away from what I’m saying.

First, the formatting. You appear to be using a sprite where the pixels are 2x2, when you should be making changes in a 1x1 pixel size with a 1x1 pixel brush. It’ll let you add in much more detail.

Second, aside from the snake tail this is a recolor. Not a great one at that. The colors are very saturated and they clash heavily with each other. I’d suggest limiting your pallet to three colors at most. The colors are also flat - they don’t have any shading. I’d suggest starting with a pallet of two key colors with at least four shades to play with. Look at official pokemon sprites to get a feel for how they’re normally shaded.

Third, the only real change made to the sprite is the snake tail. That isn’t enough to call it a delta, but if you expand on the concept it could be very interesting. Maybe give it large fangs, reptilian eyes, change its body shape a little, go wild with the concept of a poisonous snake, or even a gorgon!

I can only hope you take my criticisms to heart and really try to improve, I’d love to see this design reach it’s full potential. I’ll be rooting for you.


Sure I am trying remaking it now , I am brainstorming some ideas and when the time is right, I will probably post it here

I was thinking of making rampardos’s head a cracked egg that had baby snakes, would it be a good idea? @sphealigon-XIV

Weather you want to or not, that’s up to you.