Delta Raichu Viability

Hey guys! I was just wondering how viable Delta Raichu is in the meta and how he stacks up compared to other Pokémon such as Delta Blaziken and Delta Hoopa. Thanks!

I’ve not used them that much but I believe delta blaziken is the best out of the three

D. Blaziken and D. Raichu are pretty even. Both have access to gale wings to get priority, both would probably run some form of air slash/roost and psychic or moonblast, respectively. D. Blaziken might have the edge for having slightly better HP and defense stats compared to D. Raichu, but it also depends on what type you need on team.

I haven’t used D. Hoopa, but I think it might be the strongest out of the 3 just because of its large special attack combined with nasty plot and high special defense that let it tank special attack mons and set up nasty plot to easily sweep.