Delta Quagsire (AKA fire test)

So. I’m aware that there is already a fire type delta quagsire in insurgence, but I really don’t like that quagsire’s design, plus i’ts not the same type. This was also used to test how i could make fire.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wooper: fire type, Ability: Magma armor, Spring armor (H/A)
Quagsire: Fire Rock type, Ability: Solid Rock, Spring armor (H/A)
Spring armor makes it so that if you are hit with a water type attack, you take no damage, and your def and Sp. def go up by one stage.
(here are the shiny forms)


These are looking pretty awesome!

Although I think at this point we could make a Holon dex of purely Fire/Rock Types XP

heh… true

Love the sprites bro!