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Delta pokemon tier list

So I was wondering if there was a tier list for delta pokemon (tiermaker) so I checked, and there doesn’t seem to be one. So should I make one?

What would you consider? Design? Strenght? If you want to make one, please do! I love tierlists (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Probably about designs because I’m not the best person to ask about strength in pokemon lol

It is made, if you want to check it out it’s at

Amazing work, but I believe you missed δAvalugg XD

Oh shoot you’re right I’ll go fix that now lmao

It should be fixed now

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I just went there and messed around with it.

I did some work but not too much. Also, Delta hoopa unbound has duplicates.

yea turns out I messed up big time so I had to scrap it and make a new one here it is

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You should also add mega evolutions. If you can, that is.