Delta pokemon obtainable before post game

so I did find this thread:

which lists that Aipom, Girafarig, Munchlax, Grimer, Ralts, Noibat, Snorunt, Geodude, Phantump, Bergmite, Scyther, Shinx, Metang (Spider), Deino and Pidgey as deltas obtainable before finishing the game. I can add Lotad, Wooper, Budew, Sunkern, and Dwebble (Cake) to the list. Are there any more that you all know of? I would like to plan my ideal team a bit but don’t want to read any of the pages on the list of deltas incase of something getting spoiled.

D. Litwik and Misdreavus.

D. Solosis, D. Petilil (Water), D. Girafarig, D. Pawniard, D. Combee, D. Scraggy, D. Koffing, D. Liepard, D. Budew, D. Drifloon, D. Pikachu, D. Cyndaquil, D. Growlithe, D. Doduo, D. Chinchou, D. Dunsparce, D. Shuckle, D. Clamperl, D. Yamask, D. Emolga, D. Axew, D. Heatmor.