Delta Pikachu

Offer: Any other delta like Delta drifloon, delta wailmer, etc. Or even items like rare candy, dream mist, iv stone.

Request: Delta Pikachu or delta Raichu or delta Pichu

Further info:Earlier I requested for delta starters and got them. Now I just need any of the delta Pikachu line as they are the only delta Pokemon I can’t get now cause I accidentally fainted the delta Pikachu that was soaring.

I think if u faint d pikachu u can still get it later? Since it’s soaring I’m pretty sure it respawns until u catch it :))

If ur not able to/don’t wanna go hunting again (cuz it does have kinda a low spawn rate) I can trade u for an IV stone?

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I spent almost an hour soaring but couldn’t find it again, so I think I would prefer trading. I can give you an iv stone

Tell me if you are ready

Sure, I’ll be ready in about 30 mins if that’s good w u :))

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Ok that’s fine :))

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alright I’m good now, lmk when you’re ready :slight_smile:
also what’s ur ign? mines hulaunicorns

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I’m ready now. My username is Win2004

sure! sent a req :))
sorry j realized i forgot to say that it’s a d pichu :))

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Yay thank you so much!

Np! Thanks for the IV stone ^w^

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Ok bye cya!

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