Delta "Pikachu Remakes" (Part 1)

Well, I made some deltas of all those Pikachu “clones” because … I still don’t know. I’ve never done sprites before so they may not be of the best quality. Oh, and you can post here your own versions, and ideas about them.
Delta Dedenne (Who created name for this pokemon?)
Steel/Fire type

It attacks using his fiery blade on his tail. Sometimes it gets too hot, and Dedenne has to replace the melting metal with another, which it eats.
(Its body is not entirely made of metal, so the problem is only with the tail)

Delta Togedemaru
Ground/Poison type

Its glass spikes are filled with poison created by this Pokemon. It can curl up into a ball and roll onto an opponent, or shoot spikes from multiple circular flaps on its body

Delta Emolga (I had no idea for that one)
Dragon type

Lurking in the trees, this Pokemon glides on the prey, attacking with its sharp-edged wings. It is able to glide for very long, using the warm vapors it exhales to ascend itself.


Oh! the Delta Emolga is super cute!