Delta Pidgey

How do you encounter delta pidgey? I’m guessing it has something to do with the statue that has a square on the front (the other statues don’t have this) but all it does when I interact with it is make my character face down and give the same text as the other statues.

If you interact with that statue, it should say there is a button and ask you if you want to press it. When you do, a ladder should appear and Pidgey is there in the lower level.

BTW, what’s up with all the people in Koril town talking about needing a waterfall to explore the “deeper regions” and meet the legendary pokemon there? There aren’t any waterfalls there though and only surf is needed.

That’s odd, mine doesn’t say that at all. I guess it must be bugged for me.

You need to use Waterfall from the outside to reach the rest of the cave.

are we talking about the cave where the delta pidgey (dark/dragon) is? Because you don’t. The entrance to the pidgey part is on land right next to route 5. I have no idea what is above those waterfalls (haven’t played that far to have waterfall use) but it’s not needed for pidgey.

I never said it was needed for Pidgey.

my bad

I’m having the same problem when interacting with the square statue character just faces down and same test as other statues is given.

I think that’s a bug in the new patch. I used the un-patched 1.2 version to catch the pidgey and then patched the game again after I caught it. I tried everything and the button just didn’t work with the new patch.

I did it with 1.2.2, if i’m not mistaken

Try talking to the side of the statue that the button is on.