Delta Phantump Location

So here we go… I litteraly explored every piece of the Mount Rose and I can’t find a way to get Delta Phantump. Since the wiki is not updated at the time, I ask you : where could it be ?

P.S. : I found the Hidden Grotto, but all I found in was Charmander, Deino, Swablu, Doduo & items in 100+ attempts.

its in a hidden grotto. you need to soft reset until delta phantump appears

Alright, I’ll keep spamming then…

Edit: I ragequit. Either I’m the unluckiest man on earth or the information is false

Edit 2: Nevermind, I was searching in the wrong Hidden Grotto. My bad !! :sweat_smile:

where’s the hidden grotto?

When you enter Mount Rose, climb the stairs, then move in the upper part until you find the scientist.

It’s there.