Delta Phantump for Delta Phantump

Trading Name: BIGJRA

Offer: Delta Phantump

Request: Delta Phantump

Further info: Plain and simple, trade/trade back to get Delta Trevenant since you can’t use Witch Doctor.

ill do that with you

ill get on the game if your ready

my trading name is venomouszero

Still on? Wanna go on Discord?

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If he doesn’t respond in the next ten mins I can do it w/ you.

am here wanna start up game

sure, i’ll request it.

ok send now

i think you have to request it too? I’m BIGJRA. currently requested, on black screen.

ok am on

what move do you want to take out for sacred sword

i mean unless you want this one back i’m fine with keeping this one. I deleted present fwiw

same trade back or nah?

nah, thanks. if you really want to you can, the nature on the one i traded you was better I think though so :slight_smile:

ok thats good thanx

They are always jolly, no?

yes for me

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