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Delta Phantump for completion

Trading Name: Laogon

Offer: Basically any pokémon aside from legendaries, with whatever ability you would like if that matters

Request: delta phantump or delta Trevenant

Further info: My hidden grotto for them spawns nothing anymore, and it’s the last mon I need for pokédex completion.

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I have a ton of delta phantumps. Do you have a delta numel/camerupt? If so, then I think we may have a deal.

Yessir, I can get you one!

I can either get you a newborn d. numel or a lvl 85 ish d. camerupt, whichever you prefer

I’ll be connected most of the day tomorrow from around 10:00 AM EST, I’ll try to keep an eye on the tab for when you answer.

I’d like the delta camerupt please.
This good for you?

yeah for sure

I’m available right now if you want

same, user? Mine is goldendragonleaf like my username on here

Mine is just Laogon

alright sending request now

@GoldenDragonLeaf It won’t let me type any more on my first day, but don’t worry man this was a gift! have a nice day

@Laogon09 online!

sending the request again, since it failed last time

oh your delta camerupt was holding a dream mist! do you want it back?

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