Delta Petilil

Trading Name: Shepard

Offer: Route 1 pokemon

Request: Delta Petilil with hidden ability

Further info: A low level would be appreciated etc. 5

Hi, so you wanted Delta Petilil, Delta Cyndaquil and Delta Beldum? Which Beldum would you like, spider or ruin?

Spider would be preferred. And Petilil and Beldum with their hidden abilities.

How’s it going?

Sorry for not replying earlier. I’ve been busy. What time will you be free?

Ignore the abilities for Beldum and Petilil, when I took the screenshots I have not changed their ability yet.

D. Cyndaquil

D. Beldum

D. Petilil

Everything looks great!

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What time would you be free?

Going online right now

Give me a few minutes to get ready

Just say when

Alright I’m ready. My trade name is IcePrime.


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No problem, enjoy!

(Trading a Water Delta Petilil this time.)

I’m ready. Tell me when you’re online.

Ok im on

Thanks for helping me!

No prob, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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