Delta petilil( normal or shiny)

Trading Name: Scythe

  • List item

Offer: Shiny pinsir with close combat, feint and quick attack egg moves and shiny axew

Request: Shiny delta lotad and shiny delta petilil

Further info:

A Delta Petilil is not worth a shiny Pinsir. It’s breedable so it’s not hard to get.

He’s selling d. Petitlil for 2 IV stones. He wants the pinsir for a shiny d. lotad or shiny d. petilil.

can we get a few screen shots of it? interested in its nature and ivs asuming they are good though based on it being a bred mon

I am not selling. I am offering 2 iv stones for Delta petilil

I have a delta liligant

trading is down atm

will begin hunting a delta petilil i guess lol will let you know if i get one

You mean shiny one? I am doing it myself so I would prefer shiny Delta lotad.

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