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Delta Parasect line


Parasect is a pokemon that I found interesting, even if he isn’t that strong… I’ve made a version of parasect that has a vibe, and this is what it looks like:

Both paras and parasect have a downgrade when it comes to attack, but it’s special attack has been increased by a landslide. Because of this new form, the delta parasect line will be: Ghost Psychic.

Pokedex Entry: Legends say it has the powers to transport into the Spirit Realm and back. If any living entity other than itself goes transports with it, it will infect the intruder with a mind control fungus, making them a living corpse.

Hey guys! I need your help! I’m having a difficult time dealing with the shiny sprite, and I’m hoping to improve it in the future! If you have colors that you like, please leave them down below! If you come up with something amazing, I’ll give you credit for the shiny!


You’ve got potential, but it looks too similar to the normal versions. You should try making their designs look more like a a ghost or something. But then again I suck at giving tips so I probably didn’t help at all


Thank you for the suggestion! I read your comment and I decided to recreate the sprite, to make it more unique.