Delta Parasect line

Hello! This is a topic that has been here for a while, and it was one of my first deltas I have ever made! So I return to make a very needed edit, to make it much nicer, smoother, and even more unique. I hope you enjoy!

Paras and Parasect are Pokemon that are some of the first pokemon with Dark backstories. With this in mind I made deltas based off of them.

The first one is Paras, Delta%20Paras who is a Ghost/Psychic type. It’s abilities originate from the original Paras. The Pokedex entry states, “It was once a normal Paras, but it was then infected with a strange fungus named Ratio Boletus, which makes the victim phase through multiple dimensions at once.” Before we show you Parasect, it’s best to show you the shiny now. Here it is. Delta%20Paras%20shiny

Delta Parasect Delta%20Parasect Is like it’s previous evolution, both in it’s type, and it’s abilities. It does however have an unique move named, “Dimension hop” which is a two turn move that works like the move Dig, but when you attack, it does less damage, but gives the enemy a random status effect on impact. Moving on to the Pokedex entry, it says, “The Parasect has gained the ability to harness the ability to jump between multiple dimensions. However, if any creature latches on while it’s traveling to different realities, the creature will be infected with the fungus that infected the Parasect.” Here’s the shiny sprite of the Parasect. Delta%20Parasect%20shiny

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You’ve got potential, but it looks too similar to the normal versions. You should try making their designs look more like a a ghost or something. But then again I suck at giving tips so I probably didn’t help at all

Thank you for the suggestion! I read your comment and I decided to recreate the sprite, to make it more unique.

Tronsonic, you are GIFTED in these kind of stuff, I have seen lots of your topics, and they are just pure awesomeness. That is the hightest praise to an artist.

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