Delta Oshawott Line

I have been gone for a while due to some problems in life, and I decided to make a comeback. Anyway here is my Delta Oshawott Line.

Delta Oshawott (Dark)

Ability: Technician/ Sheer Force (H/A)

Dex Entry: Delta Oshawott are a quite chill species of delta. They like to tend to their rice fields, although if someone tries to take his rice Delta Oshawott will defend itself and the rice.

Delta Dewott (Dark/Steel)

Ability: Technician/ Sheer Force (H/A)

Dex Entry: After a horde of bird Pokemon destroy Delta Dewott’s rice fields, Delta Dewott trained itself to become a master swordsman to avenge the rice.

Thanks for taking the time of your day to looking at my Deltas. I hope you enjoyed and I want some tips on how I could improve, also should I do Delta Samurott? If I should please give me some ideas how I could make it. I was thinking of trying to make Samurott bipedal.


Delta Samurott

ok lol

Very nice! I think you should do the Delta Samurott, but you’re right it would be special not to make it bipedal, and it seems really hard :confused:

Btw I’m happy that someone else is here to share some delta ideas!

Thanks, I tried experimenting for a while in bipedal samurott concepts and it was really hard. I would most likely involve me making a whole new sprite.

You could try to fit its upper body on a remade lower body of another Pokémon

Yeah maybe, but I don’t want it to be a fusion. I was thinking on making dewott’s body larger and going from there.

Geno, you should stick with your ideas, y`know.

my delta oshawott no evos yet

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Please don’t respond two 2yr old post. I know you mean well but it is against the rules here. If you want to respond to old posts, you can chat the creator. On a lighter note, welcome to the forums! We are happy to have you here!

Thanks and I’m so sorry