Delta only run Help!

i always like the challenge of playing a casual run of the main game of pokemon fan games using ONLY the different versions of the usual pokemon (aka the delta versions) or fakemon, but apparently in the begining its really hard to try in Insurgence because after the starters, the next possible encounter in a delta only run is delta Aipom in suntouched city AFTER the gym (cant get delta dwebble trade, because you would have to catch a totodile for it, unless I bend the rules). Im having difficulty continuing onward with only my starter, so im curious what other people would do at the begining of a challenge like this, like move pools and etc. let me know pls!

edit - the issue specifically is that im completly stopped at the midna cave and trainers tournament part of the run. Damians starter can go against my starter (especially if i pick squirtle) + having 2 other pokemon. Even if i say ok to allowing traded pokemon on the team (which im cool with, i just want to see if its possible not to) i wont have acess to what the the guy trading the dwebble wants until AFTER the tournament. so far the only stratagy i have is to overlevel them to near the limit (25 - no badges) by grinding with the highest level wild pokemon at this point … 10-12.

on a positive note - Thank you so much to Epsilom317 and Sodaboyo for pointing out to me that the broadcast tower does indeed exist. I completly forgot about it and thought i would have to catch regular axew to get the delt grimer but i can just run from axew and catch grimer. So thank you two for making my preparations for the (half) fire type gym not a flaming dumpster fire by reminding me of the ground type Pokémon right next to me

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So far for me here are some of my attempts.

I didnt pick the charmander, because 1- that would leave me with 2 ghosts once i finally get the aipom and 2- it has the most weaknesses compared to the other 2. so that left me with either bulbasaur or squirtle.

I tried out bulbasaur first, and found that while steel moves were nonexistent in at the start (and besides the occasional lick), poison types seemed to come up everywhere for me. I wanted to try and get the twisted spoon from abra to boost psychic moves, but that would break my rules as catching abra isnt allowed and it cant learn thief, not that i can even get it this early. not only that but it was outsped by alot.

I also tried out squirtle, and found that because of its bulk, it could last longer and it was easier challenge because of you. However I found the if anybody has fairy types, there is nothing I could do. one trainer In Midna cave completely walled me because of a freaking flabebe, even when i was 6 levels higher than it.

I wouldnt recommend nuzlocking a delta only run, at least in the beginning. i might try that once i find a good beginning strategy. Since i bet it gets a bit easier once i have more team members.

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You can also catch a Delta Grimer! You can go to the Suntouched city broadcast tower & accept a quest to encounter a Axew which you can just run from or just faint it apparently. (I haven’t tested it :frowning_face: but I heard it works)

& then after walking for a while, you’ll get a phone call that will allow you to go on a second quest for Delta Grimer! :smile:

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you can get delta grimer for the first gym, do the first broadcast mission and just kill the axew then after a while you’ll get a call meaning you can go back and get d grimer.

Personally I think it’s fine to catch the totodile just for the trade, as long you aren’t actually using it. Besides there’s quite a few deltas that are trades so not doing those will limit your options quite a bit.

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I completely forgot about the delta Grimer! I thought we had to catch the axew to progress, so I counted it as unavailable. If that’s the case, that means I also have delta solosis as a future option as well (another ghost type but lots of options is better than none). this helps so much than before, but this issue is that I’m commonly stopped at midna cave and the trainers school tournament where your rival has a delta starter that has super effective moves against me + two others. Even If I add the traded dwebble as an encounter, i cant get it until AFTER the trainers school tournament since totodile is on the next route. I swear when I started this, I didn’t think I would be walled this quickly, but I’m excited to add grimer to the team when i eventually get there.

I totally forgot about the broadcast tower mission grimer and solosis that you can get there. I didn’t realize i didn’t have to catch the axew, which gives me a lot more options and another reason why charmander isn’t picked (3 ghost types is a no-no in my book). I did sadly realize another thing though that i will edit in the main post.

The part where i get completely walled in is midna cave and the school tournament. midna cave because squirtle cant handle the umbrella girls flabebe on its own (its unavoidable), and same reason for the tournament. even if i include traded Pokémon as an option, i cant get the dwebble until AFTER the tournament ends, meaning i have to do entire tournament with only one pokemon. so far all i got is over leveling the starter to around 23-24 since the limit is 25 with no badges and the highest level wild pokemon at this point is 10-12 (I am so tired). though at least I will have a second member on the team for the 1st gym!