Delta Only Playthrough

I would really like to do to Delta Pokemon only playthrough. Can anyone recommend me some good delta pokemon/starters and possible movesets, preferably good deltas I can use against the Elite Four without fainting? Thank you all

δMuk (or Scyther if you don’t mind double Ice)

These are available very early in the game and are very good (specially Venusaur and Gardevoir).
Other options include:

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Thank you friend. Also do you think delta Volcarana is any good. I see so many discussions with it

δVolcarona is VERY good, specially (but not only) w/ its armor, and so are other delta mons, my list was limited to the ones you can find reasonably early in the game and not after the E4 (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

If that’s not a problem, other very good options are:
δHaxorus (this one I forgot to mention earlier but it’s obtainable during the main story as well and jfc it hits hard with a more than decent typing)
δHydreigon (straight up broken if you ask me, although not as much as the non-delta mega imho)
δBlaziken (Brave Bird with priority, STAB and the atk stat of Blaziken, nuff said)
δAggron (ok maybe this one isn’t strong but it’s SO COOL)

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Thank you so much bro!!