Delta Onix

Delta Onix:Fire/Steel.Ability: Slow Start
Delta Steelix:Fire/Rock .Ability: Drought
Mega Delta Steelix (Dormant Form): Rock
Mega Delta Steelix (Erupt Form): Fire/Rock
Ability: Shields Down (When its HP becomes half or less, the Pokémon’s shell breaks and it becomes aggressive.)
Dex Onix: This Pokemon went to the planets core, when it came to the surface it was so hot it burned anything it came in contact with so it was imprisoned in this metal suit.
Dex Steelix: Finally free from its suit but it was too late this Pokemon’s body has cooled down and is not yet able to fully be its true form.
This one has taken a while to do I hope you all like it
just so you know because of shields down the Sp Def switches with its Def (Same for attack) and speed increases by 60

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i like it a lot

Thats cool. I like the way you made them like volcanoes.

M Steelix kinda looks awkward probably due to its shape. It shouldn’t be so straight, make some rocks just out over the edge