Delta Murkrow/Honchkrow


Here’s My contribution/submission! Delta Murkrow & Honchkrow are both Fairy/Poison types.

My general idea behind them is that they have the ability to inflict all sort of status ailments; of course including Toxic poisoning, while also being able to Support allies (Based after the idea of Plague doctors; and the fear they provoked back in the days of the Plague; for both Curing and Causing Illnesses).

The sprite’s a little rough and i’ll probably update it later, but what do you think?


Mind explaining how they are Fairy?
Also, you need to submit a larger version of the sprite as well so it can be visible to see.

I’ll fix the sprite when i can, i asumed the size was a bit on the short side but some complications arent allowing me to fix it!

The reason for choosing fairy instead of something like dark is two-fold: A-Poison = Plague Doctor = Fairy.

And B: back in the days of the Plague, plague-doctors were seen as both a blessing and a Curse, they were either seen as saviors of the plague, or bringers of the plague.

If you saw a plague doctor, it meant the plague was somewhere feared. Plague doctors were also seen as magical in a sense, failed medical students looking to hit a stride; or miraculous medical geniouses with a bad reputation.

Fairy type just works out best to fit the ideas.

What program are you using?

Two actually, and Aesprite. I know how to resize them, its just i dont have access to them right now!


Honestly I don’t get the Fairy Type aspect. I think it works excellently as a Poison type

Except, honestly you could probably ditch the purple altogether.

I would make it pure poison, if it wasnt disrespectful to the source material; plague doctors were that, doctors.

Also, its more of a red than a purple.

I think the concept is actually pretty cool, Fairy type makes sense to me.

Also Plague Doctors, creepy. OooOOOOoOOoooh…