Delta munchlax

Hello, I’ve been trying to catch Delta Munchlax for ages just saving outside the hidden grotto on route 8 and then going in and coming out etc. I’m starting to doubt Munchlax is actually in there, the wiki says he is but then the wiki doesn’t list that fennekin and honedge are in there and I’ve seen both of those plenty of times. Help? I really want a munchlax…

I have a spare delta munchlax with an Impish nature if you want it

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That would be awesome!!

Unfortunately I can’t just give it to you so you have to trade me something in return, although any pokemon is fine in return

how do we trade?

Also please abide by the trading format (and actually put it in the right tag) when asking for a trade.

I moved the post to the trading category for you but since I do not know your trade name, you will have to edit the body of the post yourself. I will not close the post due to you already getting a reply, but do keep this stuff in mind next time you request a trade.

when I click online play in the Pokegear the game just stops responding then says it needs to be closed. “Connecting to server (Press C)” comes up but then it crashes?

If your internet connection is stable, then try redownloading the core.

where can i find out how to do that?


That’s redownload the game folder in layman terms.

yeah i still have no idea how to do that, sorry im a bit slow

Download the game from a mirror. Links are here on this very forum.

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